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It's an honor and pleasure to recommend Monica. Over the years she's taught me how to care for aspects of my own health, as well as that of my eleven year old dog, Sammy. With her guidance I've learned how to feed him better food, and add natural supplements to his diet. The result is vibrant health and a soft shiny coat. I was also able to take him off traditional medicines, and now use homeopathic medicine. In recent years, Sammydog was developing "weepy" eyes. By using homeopathic medicine that Monica recommended, in a matter of weeks his troubling eye condition was gone! Monica is educated, experienced and empathic. I encourage you to contact her for support and guidance with your own health and that of your pet's. Your time and money will be well spent! - Joyce


LEVI is a beautiful longhaired, black, 20# cat.  He was a little over weight, but he's a big framed cat.  He may have some Maine Coon in his back ground.
Lovable, playful.  Jumped on top of anything he could.  Nothing was off limits.
Well, things started to change.  Levi started going downhill and he was only 7 years old. I feared he was diabetic and in renal failure.  He was wasting away, could no longer jump up on things, drinking lots of water and urinating a lot.  His eyes were filmed over and his coat flakey and dull.
With Monica's healing, scans, homeopathy remedies, change in diet, Reiki, love and patience, our boy is once again full of life and beautiful.
The transition was amazing to watch.
Thank-you Monica for your love, knowledge, and caring. - The Davis Family

My one year old Golden Doodle, Willy, was struck by 2 cars 1/19/15. He was rushed to a local Vet where he was found to have sustained pelvic fracture and hip dislocation as well as possible collapsed lung. The Vet did an awesome at caring for Willy's acute care needs and stabilizing him. Once we were able to bring him home, rehab was difficult with his inability to walk along with bowel and bladder problems. I was advised to seek Monica's services and so thankful that I did. She came to my home and provided great recovery care for Willy. Monica offered choices of natural remedies and proper diet to manage his bowel and bladder issues. Willy has recovered and has returned to his active lifestyle. Very thankful to Monica and her awesome insight of what Willy needed. She was very attentive and still keeps in touch to follow his progress. I highly recommend her services for your pets care! - Jolene


Without getting into lengthy discussion of my health issues, I want to say that my experience working with Monica using essential oils has been positive and surprising. Essential oils seem to be all the rage and friends of mine have encouraged me to try them. I'd been skeptical because I couldn't understand how to choose an oil when there are so many variable conditions and oils. I happened to mention this to Monica when we were working on another issue. She took up her pendulum while we talked and quickly narrowed it down. The first oil I used was extremely effective for a long standing pain issue. The second time, a different oil was indicated for a stress issue, and it has also been effective. I trust Monica's amazing abilities to tap into her intuition and experience with reading energy to give me a spot on remedy to try. - Christine

I am so glad that I found Monica.  She is such a caring person who has a true connection with animals.  My 12 yr. old greyhound was having digestive issues (I didn't think she would make it through the winter) and she was able to help pinpoint the problems and get us back on track.  It's been wonderful to see the spring in her step again!  --Nancy


  This is Alex… this picture was taken after his blessing, during Sleepy Moon Farm’s Blessing of the Animals Day, October 5,2013, in honor of the feast of Saint Francis. Alex is a German shepherd and will be celebrating his 13th Birthday, November 29th. Alex came to me when he was 3 years old, but I had met him at his grandma’s house a year prior and we instantly made a connection. He has taught me so much, but above all love, respect and loyalty.
Approximately 5 years ago, he began chewing his hind quarters. I took him to the vet where they recommended their routine protocol of steroid’s for “hot spots”. He then started to have episodes of not being able to control his bladder.
After approximately a year and half, I started talking with my friend Monica Haritan about his symptoms and medical history. She immediately started to educate me on diet and healthy choices for dog foods. At that time, she put him on a regimen of essential herbal remedies, and continued to educate me on holistic care for animals. Over time, his symptoms started to improve, after we moved thru the layers.
She then started treating Alex with EPFX/SCIO Biofeedback scanning. He loves receiving it and so do I.  
Monica is continuing her education with Homeopathy remedies. Alex and our kitties have responded positively to these remedies. Both kitties started scratching last year around this time, and it appeared to be fleas, but no evidence of fleas was found. After 2 weeks of homeopathy remedies, improvements were noted.
I don’t know how treatment with Holistic health works, I just know it does and so do the animals she treats.
I am not saying this is a replacement for conventional treatments but should be used in conjunction with.

Thank you, Monica, for your compassion and service to animals and their owners. - Mary

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