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Monica Haritan


Do you hear them? Are you listening?

Let me take you on a journey
that lives on this side of Heaven.

Put aside all that you've ever known for a moment
and consider the possibility that our dear animal
friends are our teachers, our healers
and our messengers from Heaven.

Always and forever,
that's how long the animals have been talking to us,
loving us and guiding us to our greater good . . .

- Morgen Espe -


             and SLEEPY MOON FARM . . .

A lover of art and nature and a respect for all living things has shaped my passions today. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I was surrounded by animals and the visual and performing arts. After studying Architectural and Interior Design in college, and working in the architectural field for over 10 years, I found my way to a rural setting in Northwestern PA. on a 180 acre farm nestled along side the Allegheny National Forest - a place deeply rooted with ancestral energies. I've always been drawn to the heavens, in particular the night sky, the infinite number of stars and the phases of the moon. This is how the name Sleepy Moon Farm evolved, and this is where my passions began to blossom. Passions such as organic, natural, holistic, mindfulness, connectedness, Universal healing energy.

Hence began my quest for knowledge on finding balance; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It started with my beloved horse Ellie and the lessons she taught me (and continues to teach me) in her all too brief time here on earth, also, observing and discovering the messages from a resident Red-tailed Hawk pair, learning about herbs and holistic nutrition, then moving towards meditation, Reiki, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Biofeedback training, a 3 year diploma in Classical Homeopathy, and the ongoing development of my intuitive and mediumship skills. And in the midst of this I found how gratifying it was to create and make my own hand-blended natural and organic products for both animals and humans.

In learning and experiencing these wonderful modalities, I discovered that due to our unique body systems some modalities may resonate more with some people or animals than with others, this is what has lead me to continue my thirst for knowledge and training in an array of healing modalities.  Other intrests of mine are in EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique or "Tapping", The Emotion Code, and Healing Codes. Having available a multi-faceted selection of wonderful healing modalites, creates an individualized session unique to each client, animal or human, hence, a "Holistic" approach.

Holistic refers to the practice of relating to wholes,
completed systems, rather than parts.

Holistic practice is treating the entire system
and exploring the connection between,
Mind - Body - Spirit - Environment

The goal of holistic practice is a complete wellness
of the animal or person, encompassing the entire being,
rather than simply a lack of symptoms or illness.

As a holistic practitioner, I work in layers as our body is made up of layers upon layers of cells.  I then take into account the animal or human as a whole by considering 3 main factors:

  • the environment in which they live

  • their nutritional needs

  • and any stressors they may be experiencing.

This, then helps to reveal the root of the issue, or the first layer in need of attention. Typically this boils down to an emotion that has been deeply seated or suppressed over the years that manifests into a physical imbalance.  

From here the discussion begins on how we, together, can help to guide you and/or your animal companion to regain balance, peace and a perfect state of homeostasis. Since my practice takes a multi-dimensional approach which cohesively blends several modalities, we will consider which blend of healing your body is calling for.

You may be offered modalities such as:

  • Animal Communication

  • Homeopathy

  • Therapeutic Aromatherapy

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Pendulum Energy Work

A unique wellness plan is then recommended, specific to you and/or your beloved animal companion.

I should note that I am not a healer nor do I heal or diagnose.  I am only here to bring to you the awareness of your own highest potential, your own inner power, your own innate ability to allow your body to heal on its own. To empower YOU!  And to support you through the twists and turns, the ebbs and flows of your own path. Then, step by step, layer by layer, you will eventually have the tools to be able to walk on your own with confidence and unconditional love for yourself and for others, regardless of their path.  

While animals are my true passion, animals and their caregivers share a unique and deep bond. Those with animal companions know first hand how intricate a role they play in our daily lives; they are our healers, our guides, our teachers, and most of all, they love us no matter what! Because of this, they take on our emotions, energy and feelings and then manifest conditions, both physical and emotional, due to this unconditional love for us.  As a result, both pet and caregiver may share in the same emotional or physical imbalance. I will help you to understand more deeply,how in working with your animal companion on their healing, often you are healed as well.  Therefore, both animals and humans are welcome to experience the beautiful therapeutic services offered here on Sleepy Moon Farm.

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