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Animal Commnicator


Animal Whisperer
Spiritual Guidance

As beings of energy, we all exchange, share and communicate our energies with each other through words, sensations, sounds, scents, ideas, and emotions.

With this awareness, our beloved angel animals, who only speak from truth and from the purity of their hearts, are eager to share with us concerns about their health, their environment, nutritional needs, any stressor’s they may be struggling with and especially their concerns with their human’s health and dynamics within the household. The outcome of this conversation reveals their true and unconditional love for us and how they are sent to us specifically to guide us through our difficult times and rejoyce in our happy times.

Those with animal companions know first hand how intricate a role they play in our daily lives; they are our healers, guides, teachers, and most of all they love us know matter what!

Because of this they take on our emotions, energy and feelings, then manifest conditions, both physically and emotionally. As a result, both pet and caregiver may share in the same imbalance.

Personally animals, both my own and those considered clients, have been my greatest teachers, opening up a world beyond the physical plane. They have taught me that they share in our need to be the best that we can be, to continue to raise our vibrational frequency and to truly, "not sweat the small stuff!"  As they remind us that there is so much more to our existance here on earth than we realize, but mainly to love unconditionally. Love not only others but mostly ourselves. We are all gifts from a higher source that have chosen to enter into this lifetime to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and to appreciate all lessons that come before us.

And as our beloved angels transition back into spirit form, regardless of their life span here on earth, they are able to see the bigger picture, to continue to assist us in our healing, and spiritual growth. It is up to us to open our hearts to see, feel and hear all that they wish to express.

As an animal whisperer, I can be their voice to guide you through life's experiences and nudge you to release trapped emotions

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