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Do your physical aches and pains, illness’ and “dis-eases” seem to come on for no reason? Or is it your body sending a message to you that there is an imbalance deep within, and beyond the outward symptom?

As a Holistic Practitioner and Classical Homeopath, I believe the latter, that our body is constantly sending us messages on our total well-being; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. And it is my intent to guide you to seek and uncover those deeply seated imbalances or underlying issues to bring your total being to a perfect state of homeostasis; a state of complete balance.

Homeopathy, founded by Samuel C Hahnemann in the late 1700’s, is a holistic form of medicine. Homeopathic medicines are not herbs or supplements, they are special remedies that act more deeply than herbs, supplements or conventional/modern day pharmaceuticals. They work on a vibrational level that stimulate the body’s Vital Force, the force or energy responsible in keeping your body systems strong to defend itself against “dis-ease” and diseases.

Homeopathic medicines, also referred to as remedies are derived from substances that come from:

  • Plants - Bellis perennis (common daisy) - deep inner trauma emotional and physically

  • Minerals -  Carbo vegetabilis (charcoal) - extreme flatulence and feeling of fullness

  • Animals - Sepia (octopus) - menopausal years, hot flushes, sweat

  • Insects - Tarentula Hispania (Spanish spider) - extreme restlessness, heart palpitations

These raw substances are then diluted and “potentized” until they have become immeasurable. This raw substance eventually disappears leaving behind the essence, energy or the vibration of the original substance, hence homeopathy being a “vibrational” medicine.  

Homeopathy is categorized into several groups:

Single Medicines
These are the backbone of homeopathy
There are about 3,000 medicines in total in the Materia Medica (a reference book of homeopathic medications from A to Z, including medicines, tissue salts, nosodes, sarcodes, Indian, rare and uncommon medicines)

Tissue or Cell Salts
These medicines are the vitamins and minerals of homeopathy.
There are 12 in total, i.e. Calcium Fluoride (fluorite stone), Silicea (sand)

These medicines are taken from diseased tissue,
i.e. the Rabies nosode starts with the saliva of a rabid animal then potentized into a homeopathic medicine.

4. Sarcodes
These medicines are taken from healthy tissue
i.e. Thyroidinum (dried thyroid gland of the sheep) for thyroid weakness
These medicines are meant to encourage normal rebuilding of cells, tissue and organs.

5. Polychrests
These medicines are a collection of all the above and used most commonly.
There can be up to 300 medicines that are considered polychrests.
Some of the more familiar medicines are; Arnica, Belladonna, Carbo veg,, Rhus tos, Nux vomica.

Combination Medicines
These medicines are common combinations and may target similar ailments.
i.e. Arnica/Rhus-tox/Ruta-g for muscle soreness, stiffness and joint pain.

I typically do not use medicines in combination form as I like to work with the whole of the body, which will encompass not only the symptoms but the underlying causes.

When prescribing a medicine, potency is considered depending on the Vital Force of the body and, the presenting complaints physical and mental/emotional.
The more dilute a medicine, the deeper it resonates and the higher the number, i.e. 200C, 1M, 10M.
The less dilute medicine has a lower number or potency, i.e. 12X, 6C, 30C.

Administering a homeopathic remedy in the “Classic” way is placing just one globule in distilled water and offering it for a specific amount of time. This is due to the capacity that water has for memory. Water encounters no barrier in our body, but is diffused everywhere and is able to reach every cell in the body, and very quickly yet in small and nontoxic doses.  This in turn can bring gentle, steady results very effectively, in both acute and chronic cases.

The vibration of Homeopathy is a beautiful solution to all levels of healing the Vital Force of the body; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

A homeopathic intake can be taken in person at Sleepy Moon Farm or over the phone and takes about 1 hour.  A remedy is then selected and follow-ups are required every 6 weeks until all presenting complaints are resolved.

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